Drug Abuse Information

More people are finding out how damaging prescription drugs can be when prescribed to an addict as a form of treatment and are therefore seeking more holistic approaches. One of these drug-free methods focuses on helping eliminate stored toxic residues from the person’s body to help get rid of unwanted lingering effects such as physical cravings, emotional ups and downs, fatigue, sleeplessness, etc. We have more information on these successful facilities and encourage you to contact us today to find out which centers in southern California use this approach to rehabilitation.

The longest standing tradition in drug and alcohol treatment programs has been the 12-step recovery model. This is the most widely accepted form of rehabilitation, but it has been altered throughout the years and has become more of a disease-mongering hopeless situation with poor recovery rates.

Sometimes people of faith seek rehab centers that are centered around that faith. In most cases, addicts lose their sense of faith or religion and it takes a good rehabilitation center to get them up to the point where they are interested in their own spirituatlity again, and therefore don’t use any form or religious doctrine in their treatment setting, but instead encourage individuals to follow their own path.

The biggest caution we have is any program trying to diagnose someone with any mental disorder while they are currently addicted to a substance. Virtually every substance abuser in the world fits the description of one or more of these situations, so any program promoting dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder cannot possibly give any accurate diagnosis while trying to treat addiction. Call us today for more information on this disastrous approach and why specifically it does not keep someone off drugs.

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